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Common Brother Printer Error

Brother Printer Error

Sometimes it happens that your Brother Printer stops working suddenly and displaying an error message on LCD Screen. The Error code which is shown on the printer’s LCD display helps you in troubleshooting or resolving the problem.

Generally, 3 things shown on LCD display, first is ‘error’, the second is ‘error code’ and the last one is ‘machine error’ followed by an action.

Here we have mentioned the most common Brother Error codes with proper explanation of what the error code means and how to resolve that particular error. We hope that you find it helpful. additionally get brother customer support  from the team.

Error Code – Error: E50


Error E50 means there is some malfunctioning infuser unit. Fuser unit is the part which found inside the machine that gets hot to bond the print onto the paper. If this error is detected by the printer, means there is a problem with the temperature, like sometimes temperature is too hot or cool which disturb the functionality of Printer.

What to do:

Switch the machine off for just a few minutes and then back on again. If the fault is not recovered by doing this then fuser unit needs replacement.

Error Code – Error: E51


Error E51 means there is some problem in laser unit.The laser unit is the part of the printer and its main work is to write information on the drum surface.

What to do:

To resolve this kind of error switch of the printer for some time and back on again after some time. If After doing this, the error is not resolved then laser flap may be defective.

Error Code – Error Code: 32


This error code indicates Density sensor shutter failure has occurred in the printer.

What to do:

Density sensor has a protective shutter to keep dust and loose toner off it. If this has been damaged then can be only resolved by Engineers.

Error Code – Error Code: 7D


This error code generally signifies the Dirt on the Drum Unit. When printer signifies this error, means it is detecting that there is dust in the drum area of the machine.

What to do:

If Error 7D occurs then firstly you have to clean the drum area section. If the error remains to persist then you have to contact an engineer to do the more in-depth cleaning.

Error Code – Error Code: 51


This error code indicates that you have to replace MP tray feed kit. Generally, if this occurs then the retard pad and feeds roller has completed their lifecycle.

What to do:

When Error Code: 51 is shown on LCD Display then the user may have faced some paper feed problems from the MP tray.

If you are unable to resolve this kind of printer Error and still facing the problem then you must contact to Brother Printer Customer support Number  1-800-862-1908 to avail 24*7 instant support.

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