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How to Clean Kodak Printer Print Heads

Clean Kodak Printer Print Heads

Kodak printer is the best printer which is known for its awesome printing Quality and user-Friendly feature. But Apart from this unique feature sometime Kodak printer clogged due to some error or faults. Due to this printing quality of Kodak printer gets degraded. At that time you need to clean the print heads of the printer.

Below we guide how to clean Kodak printer print heads

To clean the Kodak Printhead just do one thing, hold down the ‘Copy’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons at the same time only for few seconds. You must avoid pressing any other button of the printer and or opening the printer lid.

Manually Clean Kodak Printer Print Heads

Here we are sharing some tips; if the print head is clogged then how to manually clean the print head.

First, remove the cartridges of the printer after that take an alcohol-dipped cotton swab and rub on the print head. We use alcohol-dipped cotton swab because alcohol dissolves the dried ink which is responsible for clogging the print head.

Clean Kodak Print Heads Using Windows

Here we provide some guidance for how to clean print head by using windows.

Some command is used in windows to clean the print head. First, you have to open the control panel then select printer and right click on the icon of Kodak printer. After following all these step users need to navigate cleaning tab of the panel and finally choose the option to clean the print head.

Above we have shared methods for how to clean print heads of Kodak printer if it is clogged.

After following all these steps if you are not able to clean the print head and facing the problem of clogging in printer then just call on Kodak Printer Support Number1-800-862-1908. Our expert techies are there for you provide all kind of solution for printer problem.

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