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Common Epson Printer Error Codes and its Solutions

epson printer common errors

Sometimes it happens when printers are corrupted then you may start seeing errors while working with your printer. Each error code has its own meaning and a specific way to fix it. But such types of errors can lead to a slower response of the printer and it not working properly. And due to this kind of error sometimes users may face huge crashes and freezes.

Below we figure out the most common Epson Printer Error Codes & its Solution

Error W-01: This type of error message is shown when the Service life of Epson printer coming to the end. To fix this kind issue you have to renew your Epson printer before the time has been exceeding.

Error W-02: This is the most common error occur in Epson printer when the paper has been jammed then this error code shown. To fix this kind of issue you have to carefully remove all kind of paper from the printer.

Error W-04:  This type of error code shown in Epson printer when the cover of printer cartridge has opened and the user tries to close it before they press the “START” button. And stop the printer from the printing process.

Error W-05: When multiple pages have been fed wrong in the paper tray then this type of error code shown. To fix this kind of issue you have to reload multiple papers before tapping on the ‘Start’ button. And always check the size of paper and its quantity before feeding the paper into the paper tray.

Error W-11: This kind of error occurs when the ink cartridges in the Epson printer in incorrectly installed or may be entirely empty. To fix this kind of error you have to install the ink cartridge properly if it is not properly installed. And if the ink cartridge is empty then you have to replace with new ones.

Error W-12: This type of Epson printer error codes occur when the ink cartridges on the LCD screen can’t be recognized and need to be replaced.

By following the above instruction you may be able to resolve your Epson printer Error codes.


Above we are mentioning the common error codes of Epson printer and its solution. If still you are facing the problem with your printer or unable to perform the above-given steps properly then you must contact to Epson Printer Customer Support number @ (1-800-862-1908) to avail instant satisfactory help.

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