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Common Lexmark Printer Error Codes and its solution

Common Lexmark printer error code

Lexmark printers are leading brand of printer due to its reliability and high tech features. Recently Lexmark printer is awarded most innovative product of the year. Like every other printer, they also generate some issues and throw error codes.

You can also handle most of the issues yourself if you know what these error codes stand for. Or you can simply get in touch with Lexmark printer customer support number to get step by step guide to fix the printer issue and bugs easily.

Here we have mentioned the most common Lexmark Printer Error Codes:

Error Code 22

This type of error code signifies the paper out and paper jam issue in a printer. To get rid of this type of error code Always check that size of paper and it is not overloaded in the paper tray.

Error Code 24

This kind of error generally shown in printing device when user feed the paper in the paper tray before requested to do. You will be notified that you need to feed the paper manually to get the output.

Error Code 31

Error code 31 is thrown by the printer when the size of paper is not compatible with the printer. To avoid this kind of error always make sure that you are using the correct specific size of paper for a specific printer and adjust paper size setting.

Error Code 36

When user overloaded the paper tray then printer throw this error. To overcome from this error you always make sure that don’t cross the limit of paper feed.

 Common Lexmark Printer Error Codes

If you are using Lexmark printer and facing such kind of error code then follow the above-listed tips carefully to overcome these errors. If still error code persists then no need bother its recommended to call toll-free @1800-862-1908 Lexmark printer customer care number for help. Here Expert Technician solves your all query with latest troubleshooting techniques on time.


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