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Ultimate Guide to fix Canon Printer Error Code 6A81

Canon Error Code 6A81

Canon Error code 6A81 is generally caused due to a hindrance within the printing machine. Like a paper jam issue or another elementary particle like dust and dried ink in it. These kinds of glitch simply halt the print head as well as carriage from moving into its accurate position while powering up the machine.

If the print-head of the printing machine is unable to work properly then, users are encountered with this error message. You can fix this error message easily by making a call to Canon Printer Customer Support for help.

Here in this post, we have discussed some methods to fix Canon Printer error code 6A81 with an exact solution.

Canon Printer Error Code 6A81 Solution

Solution 1: Jamming of the purge unit

  • Absorber out of place and Jamming of the purge unit is the main cause of this error which is performing on the carriage by preventing it from moving appropriately.
  •  6A81 error occurs due to creased paper jammed in the purge and it can be in detective mode. If this happens then users are advised to replace it instantly

Solution 2 Purge unit is completely stuck

  • If purge unit is completely stuck the user needs to gently push it with a large screwdriver to identify whether it’s in a position move smoothly or not.

Solution 3Remove Dust Particle

  • To fix this issue just take a piece of dry cloth and then, clean the rubber rollers in an automatic sheet feeder. As it is quite possible that dust may be the coating over the rollers by making machine paper feed work less correctly.

Canon Printer Customer Support

Hope your Error code gone after following the steps. If still due to some reasons issue exists then Call us at Canon Customer Support number 1-800-862-1908 to resolve you printer hitches whether it is complex or easy to handle issues. Our Experts team resolve you all kind of printer related query with hassle-free solution.

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