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How to Fix Canon Printer IP2770 Error 5B00

Error 5B00


Are you seeing Error 5B00 on Your Canon Printer IP2770?

Do you need an instant solution to this problem?

Well, the solution to this error is resetting canon printer. Now the question is that how to reset the printer are in hurry to fix Error 5B00.

Here we are mentioning two methods to reset and fix Error 5B00 on Canon IP2770.

Method 1:

Reset Canon IP2770 Using Power & Resume Button

  • Firstly you have to turn off the printer.
  • Tap and hold the resume button for two seconds then Press it and hold power button
  • After executing the above step you have to Release power button & Press Resume Button of the printer for 6 times. Resume and indicator light will flash alternately and the printer will go into reset mode. Finally, you have to run the resetter software for Canon printer.

power and reset button

Method 2:

Reset Canon IP2770 Using Resetter Software

Initially, you have to insert paper into the printer then follow the steps below:

  • Download and install resetter software and then run the software resetter for Canon Printer IP2770.
  • Tap Set button on Region 3. After that Press Set button on Clear Ink Counter, Printer will run & will print one paper
  • Then you have to Press Set button on Ink Absorber Counter, finally, you have successfully reset your canon printer.

By following the steps above correctly, you can reset and fix Error 5B00 on Canon IP2770. Any of the above-given ways is enough to resolve your error.

If you want to fix error 5B00 on Printer Canon IP2770 then follow the above steps properly. But still, if you are stuck in mid and unable to fix the error then you can feel free to call our Canon printer customer support number +1800-862-1908 and avail instant support. It is the best way to resolve suck kinds of errors easily.

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