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How To Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Codes 02, 11, 12 With Ease


Sometimes it happens when HP LaserJet printer suddenly stops working and display an error message on the screen. This error message helps you to figure out the root cause of the problem and how to fix it. Different error codes show different cause of the problem and specific solution for each error code.

Few Common HP LaserJet Printer Error Messages

Below we mention the HP LaserJet Printer Error Codes 02, 11, 12 and its solution.

HP Error Code 02 – Warming Up

This type of error generally associated with printer cable or if some kind of issue occurs in the driver.

Solution: To fix this kind of error first you have to turn off the printer and remove all kind of I/O cable and USB associated with it. And after some time again turn on the printer. You have to update the driver if printer showed a message of “Ready”. If still, the error is not fixed then there is an issue in hardware driver.

HP Error Code11 – Paper Out

This type of error generally occurs if there is an issue associated with the paper sensor or may be with paper tray. If this kind of error occurs then the printer isn’t out of paper.

Solution: Always ensure that printer must be placed on the completely flat surface with proper orientation. Regularly check the paper tray of the printer if you find any kind of damage in the paper tray then fixes it in a right away. If after following this precaution error is not fixing then check out paper sensor of a printer.


HP Error Code12 – Open or No EP

This kind of error occurs when toner cartridge of the printer is not installed in a proper manner, this situation occurs in two conditions when your cover is open or if there is any kind of defective cooling fans.

Solution: To fix this kind of error first you ensure that all the toners are installed properly and all covers of a printer are properly closed.

This blog is very helpful for you if you are a novice because here we give an easy way for how to resolve Error Codes of HP laserJet printer with ease. But still, if you are stuck in mid and unable to fix the error then you can feel free to call our HP Printer customer support  Number +1800-862-1908 and avail instant satisfactory help.

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