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How to Fix the HP Printer Error Code 20 With Ease

HP Printer Error Code 20

There are so many error codes shown in HP printer but the most common error is HP Printer Error Code 20. This type of issue occurs when the printer is not properly configured on the system and when you try to print the document then “Printer not activated – Error code 20” message appear in the printer.

HP Printer not activated

Causes of the HP Printer Error Code 20

  • Printer is not set as the default printer
  • Error code 20 occurs when printer driver is missing
  • If there are any conflicts in the device manager

How to resolve the HP Printer Error Code 20


Below we provide step by step guidance for how to resolve the Error code:

Step 1 – Always ensure that printer is set as default printer which you are using

  • First, you have to Click on Start > Printer and Faxes.
  • Then select Printers folder, and if the icon of the desired printer is not there, then proceed to Step 2 given below.
  • If you are seeing the desired printer icon & if printer icon has a check mark next to it. Then it means the printer is set as the default printer.
  • If check mark is not present then you have to click on the printer icon and click on the option of
  • Set as Default Printer.

set hp as default printer

Step 2 – Reinstall the USB Composite Device

  • Select Properties from My Computer
  • Then tap on the Hardware tab and after that click on the Device Manager
  • Then Double click on USB Controllers in the Device Manager window.
  • After performing the above steps you have to Right-click on USB Composite Device, then select uninstall & click OK.
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the system and reconnect it.
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions carefully in the Found New Hardware Wizard to install the drivers.
  • You have to click on Start, then to open the Printers folder select Printer and Faxes.
  • Finally, you find the icon which represents HP printer then click Print Test Page, which will print a self-test page.

Step 3 –Reinstall And Uninstall the HP Software

If the above steps do not work to fix the HP Printer Error Code 20, then last option is that you have to uninstall and reinstall the HP printer software.

Step 4 – Clean Out the Registry

Corrupts parts of ‘registry’ is one of the main cause of HP Printer Error 20, because it prevents the computer from using the printer. Generally, all kind of settings and files that computer & software requires to run is stored in the registry. To fix corrupts registry problem you can use various kind of ‘registry cleaner’ programs and fix the HP Printer Error Code 20.

This blog will help you how to resolve HP printer error code error 20 with ease. But still, if you are stuck in mid and not became able fix the error properly then you can feel free to call our HP Printer customer support Number +1800-862-1908. Our Expert techies will bring you the best quality service.

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