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How To Resolve HP Inkjet Printer Paper Jam Issues?

Hp Injekt issue

HP printer is the best quality printer among all printer’s brand due to its high working efficiency & high-quality printing. HP printer has bundles of features that are why most of the people prefer to use HP printer. Sometimes there are many issues occur in printers like Blurry text, Ink spot over a page, Paper Jam and much more.

Here in this blog, we provide some tips for how to clear Paper Jam on HP Printer. Sometimes users become able to remove paper from the printer and sometimes it happens after the paper is removed, but if the printer is not working then in that situation just call @ +1-800-862-1908 printer support number.

How to Clear a Paper Jam Issue

Check The Paper Tray

Clear-a-Paper-Jam-in-hp inkjet

The main cause of Paper jam in the printer is a paper tray of printer that might not properly insert in the printer. And it may be filled with an excess quantity of paper in printer tray or any loose paper in the paper tray. Sometimes it happens while inserting the paper into paper tray paper gets stuck then remove paper from printer gently. To get rid of these kinds of problem press the resume button of printer first then follow all the instruction.

Lift the front cover of the inkjet printer

HP Inkjet Printer Paper Jam Issue

The second method to clear a paper jam issue is to lift the front cover of the inkjet printer and Pull extra paper slowly, to decrease the risk of damaging the printer and decreases it working quality due to paper jam problem.
Test the printer to ensure that it working correctly and not having paper jam issue again.

After performing above steps at last user has to do some steps to check printer working functions to verify that it is not going to face the same issue again.

To test the printer follow steps like:

First, you have to reload the paper into the paper tray.

Then hold the resume button till the test start to print.

This blog will help users to clear paper jam issue on HP Inkjet Printer. If still, you face any kind of problem with HP printer then call @1-800-862-1908 toll-free to HP Customer Support phone number to avail instant help. Here expert technician is there for you to provide 24*7 supports and fix you all query and give a satisfactory solution.

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