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HP LaserJet Printer Paper Jam Error Code 13.xx and Its Solution

HP LaserJet Printer Paper Jam Error Code 13.xx

Are you working with the HP LaserJet printer and getting Paper Jam Error Codes 13.xx suddenly? There are so many reasons behind HP LaserJet paper jam issue which makes your printer almost in not working condition. To get rid of such kinds of annoying issues you have to either do some manual steps or have to tech help from HP Printer Support professionals.

Here in this blog, we have mentioned the most common paper jam error and its solution.

Most common Paper Jam Error Codes 13.xx in HP LaserJet Printer

13.0 Paper Jam

  • Error 13.0 occurs where a non-specific paper jam has occurred in it.

Steps to resolve the 13.0 Paper Jam

  • First, you have to remove all the jammed media from the specific location.
  • Always ensure that the paper tray is properly closed.
  • Replace the feed as well as the separation rollers carefully.
  • There is no any kind of obstruction in the path.
  • Finally, you have to Open and then close the top cover of it to clear off the message.

13.xx Paper Jam

Fix HP LaserJet Printer Paper Jam Issue

  • This type of error occurs when at a certain location, media is completely jammed. It happens due to sensor lever or sensor O may have got stuck or maybe it is broken.

Steps to resolve the 13.xx Paper Jam

  • From the particular location, you have to remove the jammed print media
  • Then you have to check entire paper path for another piece of media in that specific path only.
  • After performing the above steps open and then carefully close the top cover to easily remove the message.
  • At last, you have to check the flags or appropriate sensors and in the paper, the path to perform a proper operation.

fix hp-printer-paper-jam

This blog very helpful for you if you are a novice person because here we give a step by step guidance for how to resolve Error Codes 13.xx with ease. But still, if you are stuck in mid and not able to fix the error properly then you can feel free to call our HP Printer customer support Number +1800-862-1908. Our Expert techies will bring you the best quality service on time.

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