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How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 49.4c02 – Complete Guide

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Are you getting Error code 49.4c02 with your HP Printer?

And looking for the best solution for it?

Well, you are at right place. Here in this blog, experts have mentioned the easy and complete guide to get rid of HP Service Error code 49.4c02.

Error code 49.4c02 is a very annoying and it stops your printer from printing papers and performing all other jobs. Your printer will get stuck.

Dive to the blog For Solution!

Hence, your printer is configured in the network; there are 2 scenarios to resolve the issue.

Initially, we should isolate whether the problem is with or without LAN cable.

Scenario 1 – Without LAN Wire Connected

Remove the LAN cable and reboot the system. If the unit comes to “Ready Mode”, after that attempt as well as print a “Configuration Page”.

And then follow these steps to print page by resolving Error code 49.4c02.

Error code 49.4c02

  1. Select Menu.
  2. Select “Info menu”.

If you find your internal page prints fine then it is sure that the problem is only while printing from the network.

If the system is not coming to “Ready Mode” after restarting the unit without LAN cable, then you have to perform “Cold Reset”, “Hard drive initialization” and also attempt updating the firmware.

How To Perform Cold Reset to Troubleshoot Error code 49.4c02?

  1. Turn the product power off.

(For HP P4010/4510 Series printers: Turn the item power On, then hold back OK when the memory count begins.)

  1. Continue holding back OK until all 3 control-panel lights flash when and then continue to be on. This might use up to 10 seconds.
  2. After the SELECT LANGUAGE message shows up on the screen, press (Up Arrowhead button) or (Down Arrowhead button) till COLD RESET is highlighted.
  3. Press OK. The product does a cold reset and then continues its power-on series.

Note: “Cold Reset” will certainly reset all the network settings.

How To Perform Hard Disk Initialization Process?

A hard drive initialization will certainly remove and reformat the items available on hard drive. Do hard drive initialization only if the Error code 49.4c02 shows on the control board because of a disk error. You must try hard drive initialization process before replacing it.

  1. Turn the product On.
  2. As the item performs its power-on sequence, press and holds the Menu switch up until all three lights on the control panel are lit.
  3. Press the back arrow. The message INITIALIZE DISC displays on the control board.
  4. Press OK. The item initializes the hard disk and precedes the power-on series.

If the issue is not fixed after doing the above steps “Formatter Board” should be replaced to fix the issue. It may fix HP Printer Error code 49.4c02.

Scenario 2 – With LAN Cable Connected

If the issue is only while printing from PC, then

  1. Change your printer IP.
  2. Update the Firmware when the printer is in “Ready Mode”.
  3. Try changing the printer driver.

By performing above given action you may become able to resolve your HP printer service Error code 49.4c02.

If still you are facing the problem with your printer or unable to perform the above-given steps then you must contact to HP Printer Customer Support Services @ (1-800-862-1908). Experts are waiting to assist you in every manner.

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