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KODAK Wireless Photo Printer Mini Features, Highlights, & Price

Kodak Photo Printer mini

Recently Kodak has launched portable KODAK Photo Printer Mini only just 99.99 USD. This Mini printer comes with bundles of unique features. It Supports Android via NFC or Wi-Fi and iOS via Wi-Fi connection. The printer comes in three colors white, Gold Metals and sleek black. The user can access their Images from their smartphone via KODAK Photo Printer Mini companion app.

KODAK Photo Printer Mini is perfect for outings, occasions, etc. as the brand is known for legendary photo print quality. This printer print 2.1×3.4” smudge-proof, color, black and white photos in seconds and dry instantaneously.

Kodak Photo Printer Mini
Kodak technical support number

Below we have discussed the main Feature, Highlights, and Benefits of Kodak Wireless Photo Printer Mini:

  • Maintenance-Free Ink Cartridge: The printing device uses Bother free cartridge that is a combination of paper and ink for greatest convenience. You can buy refills in packs of 20, 30 or 50.
  • Dazzlingly Photos: This mini printing device comes with new advanced fade-proof and smudges proof dye printing technology. That’s why it produces quick-drying color and B/W 2.1×3.4” photos which are humidity- and fingerprint-resistant properties.
  • Masterpiece Creation: By using KODAK Photo Printer Mini app you can directly take print of your favorite images through social media platforms like Google images and instant video grab screen shot.
  • It offers Wireless Mobile Printing:- You can access your iOS and android device Via Wi-Fi and NFC directly without using any wired connection. One touch for Android is enough to print images directly from the mobile within few minutes.
  • All-in-One Kit: KODAK Photo Printer Mini ships with, micro charger cable, manual and eight-photo cartridge and paper pack.

Get Reliable Kodak Printer Technical Support Number

Recently Kodak is busy with their new invention and updates and it’s making their printer more reliable and user-friendly. But in some circumstances, you are facing issue with Kodak Printer then better to take help from the third party and get instant support by dialing a toll-free Kodak technical support number 1-800-862-1908 for instant help. This number available for you 24/7 you can try it anytime and from anywhere.


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