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Lexmark introduces Smart Document Capture for Banking & Insurance

Recently global imaging solutions leader (Lexmark), disclosed the availability of new Lexmark printer which is well versed with a new feature like Smart Document Capture for Banking, insurance & government sectors. This unique feature improves customer service of the bank, compliance as well as accuracy.

The new feature allows various bank branch associates to automate document processing directly using the Lexmark smart multifunction printer (MFP). Users can easily get a loan, open new accounts within short time etc. including staying informed throughout the process.

Notable features of new Lexmark MFP

New Lexmark MFP in the banks adds intelligence to the process and make it fast as well as documents are collected from the customer.

  • Fast Document processing technology: The new MFP touchscreen interface features to ensure all mandatory information and papers is in place.
  • Digital audit: It helps in the digital audit which validate compliance with bank requirements and regulations.
  • Automated alerts and notification: If any kind of document and new information is added then customers and employees get an automated alert.
  • Direct integration No intermediate: Most of the banking software and back-end systems powers the bank’s current infrastructure and enables an Omnichannel customer experience.

Words of “Allen Waugerman”, chief technology officer and Lexmark senior vice president

“Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Banking is the modern accumulation to our banking solution offerings that are mainly designed to automate paper-based work process so banks can achieve improved customer service, more efficient back-office operations, and improved compliance.”

“Our banking customers are focused on transforming the branch experience to meet heightened customer expectations, and Lexmark is helping them do.

Lexmark Customer Support Number

While using and accessing the new Lexmark MFP and you are facing any kind of difficulty. Then it’s recommended to come in contacts with third-party toll-free USA 24/7 Lexmark Customer Support Number 1-800-862-1908 for instant technical help. Here experts are happy to assist you with 100%satisfactory results.


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