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How To Resolve Lexmark Printer P4300 Series Error Message 1102

Error Message 1102

Lexmark is one the best printer manufacturer and seller company and is being used at worldwide.  Sometimes the users of Lexmark printer see error messages 1102 while working with this computer.

Here in this blog, we are discussing the most common error code 1102 of Lexmark printer. The main cause of this error is the communication failure between one of the printheads and the All-In-One (AIO). Get step by step guide for how to troubleshoot a Communication Error between the Cartridge and the Printer to fix 1102 Error message with ease.

Guide To Fix Error Message 1102

Step #1:

  • First, you have to Power off the AIO & remove the power supply or Wait for some time, then reinsert the power supply and power on the AIO back.

After executing this step if the error message is shown then move to step 2. Otherwise, the error is resolved if you print a test page and test page gets printed.

Step #2:

  • Open the cover of the AIO but before doing this you have to remove the power supply and power of the AIO. Move the carrier of the cartridge to the middle of the unit by using the carrier belt.

Sep #3:

  • If the error is not resolved yet then remove cartridges from the AIO. Reinsert the power supply cable close the top cover & on the AIO power.

If the error still persists then there is a problem with the printer. Then move to step 4

Step #4:

  • Here in step 4 remove the power supply & Power of the AIO. Then you have to open the top cover of the AIO. And move carrier of the cartridge to the middle by using the carrier belt.
  • Close the top cover after Inserting the color cartridge and power on the AIO or reinsert the power supply.
If error message is returned then cleaning the cartridge Contacts, properly and repeat step 4 and 5

If you are using Lexmark printer and facing such kind of error then follow the above-listed step carefully and troubleshoot the error 1102 of Lexmark printer. If Still, you are unable to fix the error then no need to worry call @ +1-800-862-1908 Lexmark printer support phone number for instant help.

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