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5 Steps to Resolve the Kodak Printer “Out of Ink” Message with ease

kodak "out of ink" message

Are you encountering error message “Out of ink” while using Kodak printer? Usually, this kind of error message occurred when the cartridge has low ink.

If machine display low-ink cartridge then it is unable to print the document. To fix “out of ink message” you need to reset the cartridge. Usually, A special kind of ink cartridge chip resetters is available which identify that the printing machine’s cartridge is full or not.

Steps to resolve the Kodak Printer “Out of Ink “message

#Step 1:

First of all, you have to turn ON the printer and then carefully open the printer cover. Now you have to remove the ink cartridges from the printing machine.

#Step 2:

If you find any traces of ink on metal connectors then remove it completely. To remove the traces completely wipe the ink cartridges with cotton which is dipped in alcohol. Wait for few minutes to dry the cartridge.

#Step 3:

Always ensure that properly insert the ink cartridge into the chip resetter.

#Step 4:

After executing the above steps you need to tap and hold down the button which is located on the top of the chip resetter for few seconds to reset the ink counter properly. A green light specifies that the cartridge has been reset.

#Step 5:

At last, you have to carefully eradicate the cartridge from the chip resetter and insert it back into the printing device. The machine should recognize the cartridge as full and print as usual.

Kodak Printer Customer Support Number

How to contact Kodak Printer Support?

The easy and best way to interact with the Kodak Team Expert is to dial the Kodak Printer Customer Support Number 1-800-862-1908 for help. Here experts are available round the clock to provide the hassle-free solution at the time.

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