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Signs That Tell a Canon Laser Printer Drum Needs Replacement

canon printer drum replacment

Canon laser printers are leading the printing world due to its high quality of printing and bundles awesome features. It provides lots of functions like copying, scanning, printing etc. It’s working efficiency is also excellent. Photosensitive Drums are used in the laser printer for the printing process.

The main function of a drum is to transform digital data and print onto the paper. After some time the drum is going bad and it needs to be replaced by new one. Drum also loses their efficiency as well as quality due to damage of drum and its overuse. If you are facing any kind of problem while replacing or cleaning the drum then call at Canon printer support phone number.

Causes of canon laser printer drum runs out

Blank Printouts

blank printouts

Over time the working efficiency of the drum is decreased due to that printing quality of documents also degraded. Sometimes it happened when printout will be completely blank at that time laser printer indicates drum unit is completely failed. Then to continue printing user must replace the old drum unit with new one.

Faded Images

Faded Images

Sometimes you can see the printing quality of text and images start to fade or become blurry. It also indicates that drum unit is going to be failed soon. The words and images edges are display shadowed. In this situation there may be an issue with the drum or may be drum will not work properly.

Ink Toner on page

ink toner

When Drum of your printer going to be failed then drum will not be able to hold ink correctly. Due to this While printing, an excess amount of ink will be dropped on the pages which create spots over pages at several places. The amount of ink on the page indicates the drum is worn out.

Error Message or Printer Prompt

canon laser printer

The printer also contains drum unit counter and the main function of drum unit counter is to count or monitor too many pages has to be printed with single drum unit. If the limit of drum counter is exceeded then an error message is shown. In this case printer alert user to replace the drum unit.

Above we are mentioning some cases to check your canon laser printer drum head needs to be replaced or not.

If you face any kind of problem while replacing the drum of a printer or any kind of issue with printer then just call @ 800-862-1908 canon printer support Phone number for instant support.

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