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Solution For Kodak Printer Error Code “PrintHead Failure” 105-3802

PrintHead Failure

PrintHead FailureA printer is a peripheral device which prints the text on the paper. Basically, the process of printing starts when you give instruction to print documents. Kodak printer uses latest and updated technology for printing, scanning, copying and much more. It offers High-quality printing features and is very efficient also. But apart from these kinds of features it also shows some kind of error as “Print Head Failure” 105-3802 while users trying to perform printing jobs.

Solution of KODAK PRINTER ERROR CODE “Printhead Failure” 105-3802 solution

Update printer firmware to the latest version:

  1. First, you have to search and select the firmware of printer.
  2. Follow all the instructions carefully while installing the firmware.

If printer firmware is already up-to-date:

  1. Tap on the “On or Off” button on printer control panel.
  2. Then disconnect the power cable carefully from the back of the printer.
  3. Wait for some seconds to allow the printer to reset.
  4. Again connect the power cable to the printer.

Turn the printer ON to complete the process successfully.

If the error continues after following the above steps then follow below given step:

  1. Open printer access door carefully.
  2. First, you have to remove the printhead then install i
  3. Close the printer access door after completing the above steps
  4. Follow on-screen instructions carefully to calibrate the printhead.

If you are using Kodak Printer and facing this kind of issue then this blog will definitely help you. You can follow the above step carefully and fix the error.

Kodak Printer Customer Support

If still, you are unable to fix the error, However, or if it doesn’t get fixed, you need to ensure that you have taken an instant help from the professionals by giving them a call to Kodak printer customer support phone number 1800-862-1908 for instant support related to any error of Kodak printer including PrintHead Failure Error.

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