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Steps To Add an HP Printer to a Wireless Network

Add an HP Printer to a Wireless Network

There are many ways to add an HP printer to a wireless network but here in this blog, we are describing step by step guide for Auto Wireless Connect Method which is simple and best method. When you add HP printer to wireless network always ensure that the computer, printer & network are working properly and are turned ON.

Steps of HP Auto Wireless Connect Method

Step 1:


First, you have to Verify that configuration is compatible with HP Auto Wireless Connector or not. When you are using HP auto wireless connect method then computer & network configuration must meet the following requirements:

  • Computer must be running Windows Vista
  • Computer is connected to wireless router over a 2.4 GHz connection
  • OS of computer is able to control the wireless adapter
  • Computer uses a wireless internet connection to your network and the OS
  • To add HP printer to wireless network computer uses a dynamic IP address, not a static one

Step 2:

After verifying the entire configuration, the user has to download the latest printer software from HP Website( Also, ensure that the software choose by the user is compatible with both printer model and computer’s OS.

Step 3:

hp printer wireless connectivity

Finally, you have to run the installer. Follow all the on-screen instructions till the installer prompts windows asking for the connection type.

Then Select “Network type” to connect HP printer to a wireless network user always select “Ethernet/Wireless” category as the connection type, then select Yes, or send wireless settings to the printer.

At last, the installer will perform the rest of the setup automatically. And HP printer successfully adds to a wireless network.

This blog will help users to add an HP Printer to a wireless network. If still, you are facing any kind of issue while adding the printer to the wireless network or any other problems related to the printer then call HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number @ 1-800-862-1908 for instant help.

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