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Troubleshooting of Brother Printer error “print unable 72”

Troubleshooting of Brother Printer error “print unable 72”

Printers are one of the best outcomes of technological advancements which help to decrease our paperwork. It helps us to bring out many important tasks within a very short time period. When we talk about the Printer, it directly relates to our daily necessity in this digital world. Technology provides us with the best way to convert our feelings on paper by using a printing machine. Printing devices are of different types with a scanner and photocopy features. It completely depends on the needs of the user.

There are many printer brands in the market out of which Brother Printer award winning printing machine for many years. They give best-quality and well-designed printing solutions with excellent customer value. There are several points which satisfied you that this is the best printing machine for you and providing precious services.

Even though being such a wonderful device, Brother User may face many issues with their devices. Error 72 is the most common and frequently occurring error. Company provides you the best quality printing machines but sometimes this error occurred due to machine failures. To fix the error 72 we at printersupportsnumber provide you some methods to resolve your error and save your time & money.

Error “Print Unable 72”

Print Unable 72 error is a laser beam production failure on the printing device. When Print Unable 72 error message appear on your screen you have only two choices if turn it off then back doesn’t solve it. First, replace the laser scanner assembly and second, replace the Main Board PCB assembly. This error requires expert assistance which you can avail by contacting with a reliable printer technician. In this blog we will give you the solution to get rid of this error. Keep reading this article to know everything about error “Print Unable 72” and its possible repair methods.

Causes of Error “Print Unable 72”: –

As we already discussed, this is most common Error message appears during the time of printing. There are several causes of this error happening. If the Error “Print Unable 72” is occurred then it may harm your computer.

  • The device is not working appropriately because of condensation inside the printing machine.
  • This error also appears because of the temperature difference between inside and outside of the printing device.
  • Keep your Printer in the20 – 32.5-degree Celsius temperature only which is recommended by the company.
  • If you found the Error “Print Unable 72” then keep your eye on your PC that when and where this error appeared so you can easily resolve this problem and get rid of it instantly.

Fix Brother Printer Error “Print Unable 72”: –

Sometimes the reason behind the issue is that the device is internally damaged or the temperature of the machine is not appropriate according to company recommendation. We provide you step by step guidelines, so that you can easily solve the error. Follow the steps given below to resolve the error in a very short time period: –

  1. Reset the machine: – 

To reset the printing device, turn off the machine by pressing the power switch located on the right side of the device. Wait around 10 seconds and then power it on again.

– If the date and time become visible on the display, then the issue is resolved.

-But if the message continues to appear on the display the machine will need service.

  1. Determine faxes in the memory: –

To determine there are faxes in memory or not, press MENU, 9, 0, 1.

– If NO faxes are there in memory, the screen will display ‘NO DATA’.

– If you find faxes in memory you can transfer them in memory to another fax machine.

  1. Transfer faxes to another fax machine: –

To transfer all the Faxes into Another Fax Machine:

  1. Enter the fax number of the fax machine on which faxes will be forwarded.
  2. taps BLACK START.
  3. Take some sample prints to check if your error is solved or not.

After doing these steps you will able to resolve your issues in a short time. Are you are still encountering the problem with your printing machine? It’s time to give a break to self-service and contact with our technical experts at They will provide you the best solution for your brother printer. Our experts work on your problem and provide you guaranteed solutions. If you want to talk to our experts, call us on our Brother Printer support number 1-800-249-9713 toll-free at any time of the day. We are available 24*7 to help you.

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