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What to Do When HP Printer’s Printing Speed is Too Sluggish

The printer is one of the most used peripheral devices of the computer but most of the time printer does not perform as the user expects. A number of the glitches of the printer is fixed by customer manually.

Sometimes the situation becomes very annoying when you are not getting the average speed of the printer.

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Below we figure out the main causes of slow printing speed of HP printer.

Causes of Slow printing in HP Printer

  • If printer is too old
  • Paper type selections is not according to the Specification of printer
  • Issue in printer driver
  • Settings of the printer driver is not accurate
  • connectivity of the printer to other peripheral devices not correct
  • Default print setting of the printer is set something different other than text.

Important notes before going on to the troubleshooting steps

  • Always set the default print quality setting of HP printer as Text.
  • The PPM speed when printed on A4 plain paper kept on the fastest mode

Steps for How to troubleshoot the glitch of printing speed is slow

  • First, you have to Change all kind of damaged wire and peripheral which is attached the printer.
  • Uninstall the printer driver and then again install the updated printer drivers
  • Then you have to check the drivers of printer are properly work or not
  • You have to check all kind of network settings
  • You have to check all kind of printer firmware to fix the printer printing speed issue.

If you are using HP printer and facing slow printing speed issue the follow the above-listed step carefully and get rid of this kind issue. If still, you come across slow printing issue with HP printer, you can call toll-free HP Printer Technical Support number 1-800-862-1908 for technical assistance from the HP experts.


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